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A 21st Century Revamp of a 19th Century Classic.

With a nostalgic familiarity, The New Queen Square Collection’s intensity of colour casts a new light on the favourite designs of William Morris in the new 2020 collaboration with renowned Interior Designer Ben Pentreath!

We are thrilled to reintroduce you to some of the most familiar William Morris patterns; the iconic ‘Willow Bough’ along with the beautiful ‘Marigold’ amongst others, that have been given a new and vibrant lease of life to rival Morris’ maximalist and excessive creative flare.

Expect to see ‘Marigold’ with bursts of turquoise and navy alongside a soft sea pink, in contrast to the more familiar Morris tones of burnt orange and rustic browns found in ‘Brer Rabbit'.

Autumn/Winter can only feel warmer with 18 original designs across 18 fabrics and 18 wallpapers; Queen Square will be coming to Express Curtains very soon! Watch this space!


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