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The New Scion Pepino Range

Scion are renowned for bright colours, vivacious patterns and iconic characters; all of which are embodied in their new Pepino range. This range of playful "feel-good" fabrics have scandinavian inspirations, and are designed to fit perfectly with the wallpapers in the Scion Noukku collection.

As these fabrics have been created with papercut collages, the Pepino range features an abundance of cheerful prints with an adventurous and contemporary look. This collection is bursting with vitality and contains a mix of motifs including fun geometrics, bold florals and the latest addition to the flock, Colin Crane.

Launching alongside the Pepino range is Metsa, a thick weave of fabric which is perfect for upholstery. This design features a motif which resembles a tessellated, interlocking geometric pattern and is available in a delightful palette of gentle brights and understated neutrals.

Browse images of this beautiful new collection here, or pop into our showroom to see them in person.

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