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All About Luxaflex Powerview™

Powerview Motorisation by Luxaflex allows you to conveniently control how light flows in your day to day life; it is by far the most intelligent and innovative way to control your blinds. What is Powerview™ Motorisation?

Powerview is a wireless system that allows you to control your Luxaflex window coverings remotely, this allows you to choose options from preset controls so that the light entering your home is perfect at every time of day.

How are the Powerview™ blinds motorised?

They are mostly battery operated to allow easy installation, operation and maintenance, but can also be connected to the mains supply. Of course, the battery pack is always hidden as not to affect the beauty of your new blinds.

How is Powerview™ controlled?

Your Powerview™ blinds can be controlled by the Pebble™ remote control or via the Powerview™ app. The Pebble™ remote control is stylish, sleek and available in a number of colours to match your colour scheme. This acts as the entry point for the entire Powerview™ system. You can open your blinds at the click of a button, just like turning on a light switch. The Powerview™ app is perfect if you have multiple rooms to operate, you can create multiple settings for each room and control them remotely in a way which is easy for you and your family. RemoteConnect provides the ability to activate scenes from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet.

How could Powerview™ benefit me?

Powerview™ is a revolution in home automation; imagine a world where your windows anticipate your needs and adjust themselves automatically. It is perfect for those who require the perfect ambience with no effort. Come down to our showroom for a demonstration or go to the Luxaflex Site via our Stockists page.

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