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The New Wemyss Reflections & Cyclade Collections

Wemyss specialise in creating furnishing fabrics of the highest quality, and they have just released two brand new collections, Reflections and Cyclade, which we are proud to stock at Express Curtains.

The Cyclade collection contains a range of elegant printed and embroidered patterns. This new collection is inspired by the beautiful Greek summer, featuring an array of colours from midnight blues, to sunset oranges and sandy pinks. The Kythnos fabrics are the most distinctive, featuring bold multi-tonal embroidery, reminiscent of thick climbing vines. These are complemented by the Santorini fabrics, which feature delicate floral patterning, resembling traditional hand-painted Greek pottery.

The Reflections collection is a step away from sandy Greek sunsets, and into a world of luxurious Las Vegas-style metallics. The gorgeous Azibo fabrics feature an elegant shiny velvet paisley pattern, while the eccentric Madeira fabrics are reminiscent of sharp shattered mirrors. These fabrics are pure extravagance with shimmering silvers and glittering golds, these high quality fabrics will immediately become the main feature in any room.

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