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Clarissa Hulse at Harlequin

If you have walked by our showroom in the past couple of weeks our new window display will definitely have caught your eye. This vibrant and vivacious collection of fabrics and wallpapers belong to the Callista by Clarissa Hulse collection, which has been designed exclusively for Harlequin.

Clarissa Hulse is acknowledged as a luminary of British design and draws her inspiration from her enduring passion for plants, flowers and landscapes. 'Callista' means 'most beautiful' in greek, a heritage which Clarissa shares. For this collection Clarissa has created an enticing and entrancing collection of woven fabrics, printed silks and wallpapers.

This collection contains scorching reds, glacial blues and summery yellows, all accentuated with delicate clinquant details. Although elements of this collection would lend themsleves to a traditional monochromatic colour scheme, the distinctive patterns which are repeated across the range mean that a mix and match of the zesty colours would also co-ordinate perfectly.

This range is guarunteed to illuminate and rejuvinate any room across all seasons.

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